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special report
Want to make up to 15% ROI with Austria Hotel investments?
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Propertyin Austriarating: *****



Hugehouse with 5apartmentsmay be issued with good return!

This property is in Styria/Austria in the Alps. The owner rented the 4 apartments for tourists in winter and in the summer also. The biggest, the 5-th apartment used the owner self. This is optimal investment and self-usage together. If you buy it with 50% of bank loan for 3% interest, the house will pay itself and you have a good earning also. For your help is in the neighborhood a women and she make the cleaning. You don’t need to be all time there.



  • 5 separated apartments with own entry and electric meters
  • Fullyfurnished and equipped
  • Unique panorama for ever
  • One garage
  • Lot size 1015 m2
  • TOP1 – 96,74 m2
  • TOP2 – 29,37 m2
  • TOP3 – 44,01 m2
  • TOP4 – 36,85 m2
  • TOP5 - 34,23 m2
  • Garage – 18,92 m2
  • Storagerooms – 67,25 m2
  • Total 327 m2 floor area
  • The price is very good: 825 EUR/m2 (about 1.100 USD/m2)
  • Extras: gardenchalet
  • Near to Ski regions: Kreischberg and Lachtal.
  • The ski seasonfor 2014/2015 are almost booked

The property in Austria is real in good condition and can used without investment.

To buy this property in Austria you can get about 30-50% loan from the bank! You have to justify the rest.

You have to calculate with 10% coat and tax of transaction.

To view this property in Austria contact me:

Istvan Parajdi

E-mail: office [at] property-in-austria.com

Phone: +43 664 7376 1399




Propertyin Austriarating: *****


Perfect hotel for sale with perfect location, perfect condition and perfect concept and perfect for a family!


Hotel in the mountains in Austria/Middle-Europe.


The location is very important when we buy a hotel, but a most important is to fill the hotel with the good strategy. This hotel is the perfect sample for very profitable strategy.


This hotel is next to the classic cross-country runs, and this bring the guest in winter. And the rest of the years the hotel have bus tourists. The owner couple have contract with many bus companies in Germany, and they bring buses every week for 5-6 Days. The groups make daytrips in Austria, and coming back every evening to the hotel. They make 350.000 EUR turnovers in a year, but have only 3-4 part time employees. Extraordinarily turnover with minimal costs. That’s make the 7-8 years return on investment.


Hotel is in the excellent condition and you don’t need to invest in the next 7-10 years.


The key features:


  • 26 double rooms and 2 apartments
  • 51 regular beds and 67 beds with extra beds
  • Restaurant with 80 seating
  • Terrace with 40 seating
  • Hotel and restaurant is fully-equipped
  • About 6.300 guest nights per year
  • almost fully booked in 2014 also
  • Parking for bus or for 30 cars
  • The hotel and the restaurant was fully refurbished in 2005/2006
  • New windows and fully isolated, that you have an energyefficient heating with low heating cost


The owner family is happy to help to a smooth hand-over. They earn very good money but the want to go retirement.


To buy this hotel in Austria you can get about 30-50% loan from the bank! You have to justify the rest.


You have to calculate with 10% coat and tax of transaction.


To view this hotel in Alps please contact me:


Istvan Parajdi

E-mail: office [at] property-in-austria.com

Phone: +43 664 7376 1399





Propertyin Austriarating: *****


Motorcycle hotel, winter and summer high occupancy.


Hotel in excellent condition to ski, approx. 1250 meters  above sea level,  for sale. In this Austria property overnight stays only in summer 1800 only with motorcycle. A member of a motorcycle hotel association, so riders come from all over Europe. Located along a very popular mountain pass.

The winter is full. Snow-sure ski area is located within walking distance of this hotel, and is in excellent condition. The previous tenant successfully operated this property in Austria for over 15 years and only had to close because of serious health problems in December 2013.

The property is in excellent condition, with a fully equipped restaurant kitchen, beautiful gardens and very efficient heating. The cost of this modern heater alone was €100,000.

There’s a total of 922 sqm floor area.

The 18 rooms offer guests 34 comfortable beds. Can be expanded, up to 45 beds. In 2006 the renovated rooms met the requirements of the modern age, and have toilets/bathrooms and satellite TVs.

The restaurant seats 40 guests and has a lot of outdoor visitors from many of the nearby apartments and chalets. In winter and summer, the restaurant has good occupancy. It’s suitable for every need of the modern kitchen.

The building condition is really excellent in all aspects. However, there may be regulatory requirements. I will provide detailed information.


Property in Austria rating: ****


City Hotel in Graz Area!


The hotel is about 20 Km from city centre Graz, near to highway A2 and A9, and near to the Airport-Graz. Thanks to its excellent location is the capacity utilization high.


The hotel includes 5 buildings with restaurant, wellness and ordinations.


The hotel is operates whole year.


The hotel has 132 rooms and apartments in the 5 buildings with a total over 360 beds.


The most apartments and rooms have balconies. The apartments are in excellent condition, and meet the modern-day standards.


Technical equipment: district heating, central smoke alarm, 40-channel cable-TV system, central telephone system, complete hotel booking software system for management and invoicing.


Extra services: Wellness centre with café-bar, with different cabins, which include a Finnish sauna. In addition, there is a large gym with a massage room.


The hotel work with a professional management with 14 employees they would like to continue.


The last Years have the hotel permanently 7-8% yields. The hotel has three revenue sources: Hotel rooms, conference rooms and rented apartments.



Plot size: about 11.950 m2
Number of apartments and rooms:  Over 120
Number of beds: About 360
Annual Return on equity:      7-8%
Sale price:


10.000.000 EUR

Additional costs:


10% additional costs, this include the realty transfer tax, notary and registration fees, agency commission


Our website:  http://www.property-in-austria.com

Contact: István Parajdi

E-mail:  office@property-in-austria.com

Phone: +43 664 7376 1399




Property in Austria rating: *****


This city hotel is located 25 km from the second largest city, Graz, in Austria. The hotel and the restaurant bring in ongoing revenue year-round. This property in Austria will yield approximately 10%.


Half of the rooms need renovation. There is available space to develop additional rooms. Part of the building is leased continuously at a fixed monthly income of €2,000.


This property in Austria does not only rely on tourism; it trades all year with good occupancy.


Propertyin Austriarating: *****


Family hotel in excellent condition, high profit, can be taken over immediately!


It's located near Wolfsberg. The 23 rooms have 48 beds, but a group with 60 people has also received. The 3-star hotel is furnished with modern and stylish furniture, that coming from a 4-star hotel.


The restaurant, spa and private flat are also of high quality. You do not have to spend on repairs; it immediately can be taken over.


The house is open all year, just closed down for a few weeks in the autumn. In winter, the nearby ski resort attracts tourists; in summer, the rich tourists are drawn to the places of interest and hiking brings mainly German and Austrian guests.

Both the winter and summer season we are contracted by travel agencies, which fill the house.

The restaurant, open year-round, is frequented by local residents and transiting guests as well.

The restaurant and the house are operated by the family, with two periodic helpers. The restaurant has about 180 to 200 seats with a 50-person viewing terrace
that offers expansive panoramic views of the valley.

The house was originally built in 1971, expanded in 1984, and renovated in 2007. The house district heating gives warmth. Plus, a wood gasification boiler is built, making it even cheaper if you want to heat.

The family-friendly hospitality reflects the fact that the modern playground is designed for children, with a giant slide for kids to play.

The house must be seen in person, because the high quality of the equipment and the fantastic environment cannot be captured in the photos.

Your family, if you are able to finance 50%, can pay off the loan in 5-7 years from your profits. You get a very valuable
and ongoing revenue-generating property!




 Propertyin Austriarating: *****


Unique property - unique opportunity!

This service and entertainment center is rented out completely and an excellent investment.

Accessible CAP of 6% -7%.

With numerous separate tenants, tenant diversification in revenue is secure.

The property has the following:


        • Bikerbar
        • pizzeria
        • boutique
        • Tatto Studio
        • dental Lab
        • Massage
        • 2 guest rooms (such as pensions)
        • Two service apartments (rented out)
        • Arena is approx. 800-person conference center + terrace + separate bar
        • T-Mobile cell tower, which represents an annual rental income
        • Huge 60-70 car parking lot


The house is approximately €5.000 to €6.000 to produce monthly rental fee.

Currently, almost every places is rented,
but if the new owner wants to operate a bar or pizzeria themselves,
this is also possible.

More images can be viewed on the website www.bikerbar.at, in real estate and events. Every year there are several events that attract not only Austrians but also international guests. This is a high-quality designed entertainment complex, so there’s no competition in the area.

A major purchase intention can bring up to 40% of deductibles. It depends on the bank’s credit rating. I can provide active assistance with the debt service.




Property in Austria rating: ****

NEW PRICE: €320.000


Wonderful and uninterrupted panorama from this villa unique in its kind. This property located in the middle of Austria. You enjoy the pure nature, but only an hour away from Klagenfurt or two and a half hours from Vienna. Only 3 hour away from Munich or 80 minute from Graz.


This property in Austria designed by the famous architectural firm in Munich, Jim Carl Weigelt.


The building and equipment are in excellent original condition.


Just bring your suitcase with you, and you can enjoy with your family and friends in pure luxury. 


The house is equipped with


    • High quality fitted furnishings
    • Double full size garage
    • Spa area with Sauna, plunge bath and gym
    • Oil central heating and hot water
    • The property is in excellent condition, having been regularly maintained – there are no outstanding repairs to be done.


Property  in Austria - Details:


Usable area approx. 272
Plot size approx. 4,456 m²
Rooms 5 rooms
Number of beds 9 beds
Year built 1975



380.000 EUR


 NEW PRICE: €320.000





House for sale in Austria


 Property in Austria rating: *****


The Hotel is a small family run Apartment Hotel on the shore of Lake Hallstatt. Only 4kms from the Hallstatt village. Only a few steps to the public beach from Lake Hallstatt. This Hotel has newly refurbished self-contained double bedroom apartments. All of them have its own spacious lounge/dining area and a modern kitchen.

The hotel is a couple and a part-time cleaner operates. In this excellent tourisms region is 10 months the season. You have a strong winter season and a long summer season. You can reach more than 12% yield with this property in Austria. You must-see it!

9 apartments, a restaurant and a three-bedroom owner apartment are in this property in Austria.



Net floor space: 705 m2
Plot size: 399  m2
Number of beds:

36 beds (with extrabeds max 50)

 Restaurant capacity: 65 
Sale price:

590.000 EUR + 20% sales tax

(you should not have to pay it directly)


Additional costs:

10% additional costs, this include the realty transfer tax, notary and registration fee, agency commission




Property in Austria rating: *****


This apartment is an excellent investment property. Here, you can enjoy nature year-round. In winter you can take to the 42 km ski slopes. In the summer, you’ll wander through the countryside or take excursions to Salzburg (about 145 km), Klagenfurt (about 85 km), Graz (about 130 km) and Munich (about 270 Km).


Unobstructed views and crystal clear air are all included in the price. You can use it yourself, rent it, or lend to friends. This managed apartment has low running costs and is available throughout the year at your disposal.



Usable area      about 40
Rooms 3
Year built 1990
Heating Gas





Property in Austria rating: *****


This traditional Austrian hotel has all the attributes of a hotel owner’s dreams. The hotel is just 1.5 km away from the ski resort, where a ski bus shuttles guests 13 times a day. The Nockberge National Park is a popular tourist destination from May until the end of September. The hotel has 20 rooms for 42 people. With extra beds, the hotel can also receive tour groups.


Except for two rooms, all have balconies and satellite TV with 40 channels. In 1994, a separate relaxation area with sauna houses was built. Above the sauna, three staff rooms are located. The 80-seat restaurant, along with the 40-seat terrace, allows for larger groups or events.


The three season opening hours ensure continued income for the owner. In spring, summer and autumn, the hotel specializes in hiker and biking guests. The 34 km long "Nockalmstrasse" is a popular tourist destination.




Usable area about 790
Plot size approx. 5,100 m²
Rooms 20 rooms
Number of beds 42 beds
Places in the guest room     80
Guests Terrace available
Hotel restaurant available
Bar available
Category 3 Star
Year built 1940
Renovated 1976
Parking 15



This property in Austria is a unique and rarely available commercially-zoned land in Styria/Austria. It is zoned for a hotel or guesthouse. A hotel of approximately 2,500 square meters can be built on this property.


The pictures from this property are only illustrations; you can build your own dream hotel.




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